Biography of Symon A. Michael



Symon Michael grew up in rural Appalachia during the 70's, where he was classically trained on the clarinet as a child.During this time, he also played flute and performed in various school and public concert bands.He wound up in San Francisco in 1980, catching the SF punk movement while it was in full swing.At that point, Symon purchased his first saxophone and began writing and performing as one of a small group of working horn players in the west coast "punk funk" movement of the day.


Over the years, he expanded his repertoire as composer and arranger and spent a few years writing advertising jingles and other music for film and video, helping to found The Music Workshop with piano player and fellow composer Alexander Marlowe.During this period, Symon released two 12-inch vinyl records of original compositions.


In the nineties, Symon finally launched Symon's New Blue Diamonds, an all-instrumental jazz band of his own design.With help from a core of loyal, highly talented musicians, the band became a local favorite at S.F. nightclubs and released its first full-length digital CD before being disbanded in 1993.After a long silence, Symonís New Blue Diamonds was re-formed in 2008 with most of the original members in attendance.Added to the lineup is Symonís sister Martha Michael, who wields trumpet and flugelhorn for the new band.


In addition to his own band,Symon was a working session musician and has recorded and performed with True Margrit, Blue Cat Sandwich, Larry Gallagher, and Sean OíBrien, among others.

Symon moved to the Los Angeles area with his wife Diane in 2012 and has since retired from musical composition and performance.


Selected Discography


1985Big Deal (vinyl 12 inch LP)

1987Serving Suggestion (vinyl 12 inch LP)

1993Cram It Down (CD)

2008One Hundred Nights Of Passion (CD)

2010Why I Quit The Music Business (CD)

2012 Another Second Childhood (unreleased)